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Ep47. TS Lim, MindValley Flex

07 Mar 2018

Ep 47. TS Lim, Co-Founder of MindValley Flex

What It’s About
In this episode Dana speaks with Lim, the co-founder of MindValley Flex. They discuss how
his love for Sabah brought him home to start a company in KK, as well as how being a
specialist in a single thing helped accelerate him into his entrepreneur journey.

Key Takeaways
MindValley operates in collaboration with Flexnode. Flexnode is Led by some of the
industry’s most innovative minds, they have built a culture on a strong foundation of courage,
tenacity, and collaboration. Their employees are bold thinkers and big doers. They look at
what the future could be, and they gauge their successes against their own capabilities and
their own potential.

Fun Fact
The organisations employees are risk takers and inventors, determined to create a smarter,
more connected world to enrich the lives of people everywhere.

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