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Ep42. The Malay Food Catering Specialist: Nita Catering

25 Apr 2019

Ep 42. The Malay Food Catering Specialist: Nita Catering

This episode of Set Lunch features our host Razif Hashim interviewing the owner of Nita Catering: Nor Afnita Yaacob, an entrepreneurial careerwoman who left her stable corporate job to expand on a family business legacy. Nine years in from their humble start in 2010, Nita Catering now caters to clients as big as national Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) and specialises in Malay cuisine for their ever-growing clientele.

Key Takeaways

How did an adventurous woman like Nor Afnita Yaacob build an even bigger F&B business out of the legacy of her parents? In this episode, she shares the plunge she took from her fixed income career to pursue this catering business full time as well as her expansion efforts. Among the highlights of this episode is her ability to adapt to both changing palates of her customers as well as changing economic cycles, both of which has contributed to her survival in this field for almost a decade. She also divulges her marketing strategy which revolves around personal relationships with clients and some of the pitfalls that her business has overcome during their stint in the industry.

Fun Fact

Nita Catering has innovated their revenue stream by also offering rental services of their catering equiptments. For a small daily fee, you can rent out their entire arsenal of cooking utensils.




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