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Ep41. Small Homegrown Grocer With Big Dreams

19 Apr 2019

Ep 41. Small Homegrown Grocer With Big Dreams

For this episode, Set Lunch interviews Nor Azlini Noor Azmi also known fondly as Lini Azmi, the founder and owner of The Home Grocer in Shah Alam. The Home Grocer was founded 2 years ago and is based in Shah Alam’s Section 14 where it specialises in local brands with a focal point on halal and SME products.

Key Takeaways

Lini Azmi shares with Set Lunch the stark reality of running a sundry/grocery business, especially one that specialises in local F&B brands. Issues such as human resource problems and supply chain management between her and her suppliers are not foreign nor new to Lini who gives us a sharp insight on how she overcomes such problems in her daily business routine. In addition to that, she also shares her tips to run a successful small grocer such as product differentiation and how she personally tests each and every product in her shop to ensure nothing but the best for her customers.

Fun Fact

Before radically deciding to switch fields in her career, Lini was a fulltime engineer in the automotive industry!




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