Set Lunch,

Ep4. Wok It

07 May 2018

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Known for his enthusiasm for food, Razif Hashim takes you on an enlightening journey into the world of the Food and Beverage industry every weekday from 11.30 am to 2 pm.

With an emphasis on nascent businesses, “The Set Lunch” brings you a range of insightful interviews from owners of small food trucks, food and technology to managers of gargantuan F&B franchises.

“The Set Lunch” expounds upon the turbulent yet rewarding F&B industry and what it takes to succeed in it.

Ep 4. Wok It

In this episode, eFM’s Razif Hashim sits down with Wokit founder, Ashraf Harun to discuss how a simple Chinese-American style takeaway box helped transform his food business into a coveted culinary treasure. Wok It is a kitchen that serves quick and customized meals, cooked fresh in a sizzling wok and served in signature Chinese-like take-out boxes. From over 1200 combinations to choose from, patrons are never left short of choice. Previously a foodtruck concept F&B outfit, Wok It underwent a brilliant crowd funding campaign which not only raised enough funds to make them permanently infused with Grind 22, a coffee joint in Bangsar, but was also able to raise awareness about their product to the market!

Key Takeaway

Ashraf and his team utilise the Wokit takeaway box to attain user generated content; a marketing strategy that proved to be so successful that the company now primarily relies on it for its advertising.

Fun Fact

Ashraf got the idea for Wokit and its takeaway box design during his travels in Central Europe.




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