Ep4. Virtual Reality Controlled Robots!

19 Apr 2019

Ep 4. Virtual Reality Controlled Robots!

In this episode, one of the finalist teams of UNIMAKER 2018 shares with us their winning idea: using the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality for the purpose of controlling robots in order to maximise machine usage. The Tech Divas team has created a way for industries of the future to utilize virtual reality in order to innovate the way machine operations take place at any scale be it big or small.

Key Takeaways

The team leader shares with us how virtual reality can be used together with robotic operations and machineries as well as the business challenges they face in order to get traction for a relatively new idea. Not only that, due to its nature of still being in the unchartered waters of newly discovered technology, the team has to find a way to convince companies to take a leap of faith with a brand new technology that has the potential to change everything we know about machinery operations!

Fun Fact

Although VR is mostly visual-based, it can also include other sensory feedbacks and such a breakthrough would mean we would be able to look at VR in numerous fields very differently in the future.



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