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Ep4. Top 3 Homegrown Start-ups

13 Dec 2018

Ep 4. Top 3 Homegrown Start-ups

In this episode, we are introduced to three start-ups that are born and bred in Malaysia: iFlix, Supahands and TheLorry. All three are scaling up fast and with the right trajectory in place, they are bound to be household names in the region within the next few years. Serena C discusses their origins, progress as well as future projections for each of the firm in their respective industries.

Key Takeaways

iFlix is taking on one of their biggest and most unorthodox rival in Southeast Asia: the entertainment piracy black market. Here, Serena talks about how iFlix plans on expanding and the strategies they employ combating their rival which ironically isn’t horizontally similar media subscription services! By utilising the right price offering and localised content, iFlix which began in 2014, is fast growing as a brand name in over 20 countries across the globe.

TheLorry has, quite literally, changed the landscape of Malaysia. Gone are the days of individual lorry drivers operating alone offering their logistics services with numbers spray-painted in public areas and Serena takes us on a trip to learn more about this homegrown start-up.

Mark Koh, co-founder Susian Yeap and a pug were the first three employees of Supahands, a platform that connects companies to a remote workforce based around Southeast Asia that specialises in working with large volumes of data. With 400% increase in its annual cumulative growth rate since 2016, Serena hashes out their recipe for success in Malaysia as well as abroad.

Fun Fact

There are 4 million paid TV subscribers in Malaysia, but in contrast to that, there are 20million smartphones. It is no wonder then that iFlix’s core strategy is to turn the latter into loyal consumers of iFlix!





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