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Ep4. The Hype of AR/VR

06 Jun 2018

Ep 4. The Hype of AR/VR

In Malaysia, the adaption of augmented and virtual reality for entertainment has started just a few years back. As the world catches up to new technology every day, the function of augmented and virtual reality seems to be the hype of the future. Let’s Jam at GEM 21 gathered the experts in the field for a discussion on the technology and its adaptability to Malaysia.

Some highlights of the discussion includes Datin Shireen Tan, co-founder of VR Lab sharing her experience as one of the earliest virtual reality providers in Malaysia. “Virtual reality is not just a hype in the country, it’s the speed of adaptation and whether Malaysians are ready to use it daily,”. It is worthwhile to note that VR Lab is Malaysia’s 1st biggest HTC Vive virtual reality experience chain.

Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Media Group a leading game developer and development solutions provider for the video games industry, chimed that more and more advertising company is adapting AR/VR in the current climate of technology. Interestingly, he shared, Major game publishers, film studios, and brands, including Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom, Bioshock Infinite, Avatar, and Coca-Cola use Streamline’s bespoke game development solutions and Streamframe Development Management software has contributed to over 300 AAA productions.

The panel session is joined by Hilman Nordin from Wariscan Project and Havene Liew from Havson Group, moderated by Hasnul Hadi Samsudin from MDEC.


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