Startup 101,

Ep4. The Female Entrepreneur

23 Jan 2018

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Priscillia Seelan always knew her calling was in media. She followed that calling and graduated with a BA in Mass Communications from Curtin University of Technology in Perth and subsequently, an MA in Mass Communications from Texas State University in Texas. Her career has consisted mainly of radio production, having produced and hosted programs not only in Malaysia with and CapitalFM but also in London with LBC 97.3 and in the USA at KTSW in Texas and KCRW in Los Angeles. She is also a host of the online music platform, She is currently a content creator producing on various platforms including but not limited to podcasts and YouTube.

About Startup 101

Welcome to Startup 101 with Priscillia Seelan. It seems like almost everyone as an idea for a new media business these days. But not everyone has a business degree. Without the relevant experience, traversing the world of entrepreneurship can be daunting. That’s where the Startup 101 podcast comes in.Every week, she’ll be speaking to an expert in a particular field of entrepreneurship to give you a starting point in navigating your way through this new territory. Startup 101 will feature interviews with advisors in the industry and hopefully, make the start of this new journey of yours, a little easier.

Ep 4. The Female Entrepreneur

It has been said that women face very different challenges when compared to men in the world of tech. It has also been said that there is less support for women entrepreneurs and that women are less supportive of each other than men are of each other. Are there special grants and investments for female startups? And if so where do we find them? What kind of support is out there for women in the new tech world? This week, Allison Strouse, CEO of sheds on light on if all of this and dispels some myths about the female driven startup.

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