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Ep4. The Event Orchestrator

03 Jan 2019

Ep 4. The Event Orchestrator

In this episode of Insta Made, Serena speaks to Cyrus who has been helming Bravo Eventz since 2006. Bravo Eventz is an event management company that specialises in creating almost magical and captivating events for international brands here in Malaysia. Using Instagram as a portfolio as well as free advertising, Cyrus has quadrupled his company’s clientele and Serena digs deep to find out his trade secrets!

Key Takeaways

Cyrus discusses how to conceptualise a client’s requests when it comes to creating a unique decor for events, especially for customised sets that needs to carry the brand’s essence. He also shares personal anecdotes as well as tips at making Instagram the most powerful advertising platforms for creatives such as himself. Discover how you can make Instagram a portfolio to parade about proudly as Cyrus shares his own insights on the matter in this episode.

Fun Fact

Bravo Eventz manages a wide range of widescale events; from Mickey’s Birthday to YSL’s pop-up Beauty Hotel in Kuala Lumpur!



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