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Ep4. Restaurants of the Future: Hype & Trends

26 Jul 2019

Ep 4. Restaurants of the Future: Hype & Trends

Growth Malaysia proudly presents the latest edition of the Growth Malaysia Series “Restaurant of the Future: Staying Ahead of Food, Customer Service and Trends”. In partnership with Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) and Home Noodle, this episode features a diverse panel consisting of Chef Hadzrin Mohd-Din a Senior Sous Chef from UFS, Mun Choon the Director of Home Noodle and Khuan Yew, Head of Product in Fave. This no holds barred session covers various questions that have been plaguing restaurant owners for the longest time!

Key Takeaways

Are food trends just hype or an opportunity to leverage on? Why is inventory management so important? How can inventory management help you reduce food wastage, be creative with your recipes and maintain quality at the same time? Can culture and communication improve your bottom line? By discussing these key parts of F&B management in the era of new technology, the three panelists address the pain points of Malaysian F&B entrepreneurs while bringing light to up and coming technological solutions to their problems.

Fun Fact

The F&B industry alone makes up of 50-60 percent of the Fave platform!




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