The Truth of Showbiz,

Ep4. Producer Notes

31 May 2018

Ep 4. Producer Notes

With the evolution of music production tools fueling the rise of self-producing artists, what does it mean to be a music producer these days? How effective are one-man-bands as opposed to a production team? We sat down with music producer Damian Mikhail, on how the client market and producers have adapted to growing trends in the local music industry. He shares views and advice from his vast experience, having worked in the limelight as part of legendary vocal group V.E., along with countless production credits ranging from Too Phat to Siti Nurhaliza, as well as his involvement with reality shows like Akademi Fantasia.

Aiman Misri / Dafrosty

Aiman Mohd Misri, a.k.a. Dafrosty, has witnessed the growth and dominance of Malaysia’s Hip Hop scene in the past decade from multiple perspectives; recording and mixing engineer, music technology lecturer, independent record label owner and artist.

About Damian Mikhail

Damian Mikhail Seet is a music producer who has worked for various artists from Too Phat to Siti Nurhaliza. He was part of the R&B Soul vocal group V.E., and has also judged for Malaysian reality shows such as Akademi Fantasia.




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