Ep4. OFO Tech – One-Stop Solution For All Things DroneTech

12 Jun 2019

Ep 4. OFO Tech – One-Stop Solution For All Things DroneTech

In this episode, eFM features the founder of OFO Tech, Armi Majid. OFO Tech is a one-stop solution firm for all things related to DroneTech. The firm covers several different sectors within the drone industry namely: Construction, Agriculture, Industrial Inspection, Consulting and Training as well as Aerial Videography.

Key Takeaways

Armi Majid talks about the story behind OFO Tech’s founding as well as how it has grown from a mutual interest in drones among his friends to a one-stop solution firm for DroneTech. In addition to that, he shares their entrepreneurial ventures within Malaysia as well as the neighbouring country of Indonesia and where he aspires to take OFO Tech to beyond these two markets. Touching upon the current capabilities of drones as an object detection and observation decide, he divulges his insight on where the industry expand into next: unmanned rectification by drones.

Fun Fact

In total, OFO Tech has mapped out 15,000km of highways in Malaysia and they also provide monitoring services in addition to their mapping capabilities.



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