Ep4. Moovby

23 Aug 2018

Ep 4. Moovby

Ride-sharing may have disrupted the transport system but Moovby is here to shake things up even further with a car-sharing platform in Malaysia. With 60million cars in Malaysia and 90% of them idle at any time, Moovby is determined to change the way car-ownership is perceived in Malaysia. In this recording, we talk to Nik Mohd Amin about his startup and how Malaysians can both make a passive income from their underutilised vehicles as well as immerse themselves further in this sharing economy.

Key Takeaways

Nik Mohd Amin discusses with us the reasons and an under-addressed need for a car-sharing platform in Malaysia during MyEdTech. With a quarter of bankcruptcy fillings being due to unaffordable car ownership, the demand and supply does not meet the actual needs and affordability of Malaysians to own their own cars. Moovby is here to answer this mismatch in the industry and help countless people rent a car for as low as RM6 an hour. In addition to that, he also discusses the challenges of hiring and retaining good talents especially among the milennials.

Fun Fact

The idea behind Moovby was conceptualised when the founder’s junior requested to borrow his car to attend his convocation ceremony!




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