True Complexion,

Ep4. Janet’s Corner

25 Mar 2019

Ep 4. Janet’s Corner

In this episode of ‘True Complexion’, Joyce Moi, the mother of artist Janet Lee and the co-founder of Janet’s Corner shares her experience of juggling in business, parenthood, as well as finding her own self. She also talks about her daughter’s condition, where she suffers from epilepsy and undergoes irrepressible and erratic seizures ever since she was a child. Despite the challenges running after the mother and daughter, they worked together and see what they kind of world they could build for Janet.

Key Takeaways

From cookie baking to mini do-it-yourself souvenir items, both Joyce and Janet explore the latter’s interest and skills to pursue her career in different fields such as fashion wear and creating her own production line. Using her artwork as designs to items and accessories, Joyce always made sure that Janet’s story is always part of the brand so that the public would be aware of Janet’s condition as well as the process that it took for her to create the products. Joyce confesses that it was difficult to find what Janet is capable of doing, but after years of experiencing and learning more about her daughter, she realized that Janet can do wonders just by the tip of her fingers. However, there are also things that the dedicated mother is concerned about, like Janet’s unpredictable seizure attack and her ability to make business decisions. Even with all kinds of challenges in their way, Janet and Joyce manages to turn the challenges into hopes and inspiration to the community. Joyce believes that her daughter is a living example of a person with determination, support and patience and hopes that her daughter could motivate differently abled people to do beyond what they could do.

Fun fact

One of Janet’s painting was chosen for an exhibition, Hidden Truths, The Mind Unravelled which was held in California, United States. The exhibition was organized by Hidden Truths Project in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation in the US. Furthermore, it is also an annual fund-raising event for people to do epilepsy research as well as showcasing the artworks of epileptic artists like Janet.




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