Ep4. Innovation Practise Lead

18 Oct 2018

Ep 4. Innovation Practise Lead

With the advent of Industry Revolution 4.0, there is a need to develop a platform to develop and commercialize innovation within the academic ecosystem of the University Malaya (UM). This podcast includes teams from the Business Idea Competition pitching their innovative medical proposals to a panel of judges from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

About This Podcast

In this podcast, Hannah Nawi from RTI International Malaysia talks about the best practices in pursuing innovation and commercialization in the industry for both research as well as the private sector. RTI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition. Among some of the topics she discuss are the ways to pursue innovation as well as what to avoid in your pursuit of innovation such as a sole focus on technology and a lack of investment in human capital. Tune in to hear more about innovation practices to best suit your business R&D.




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