Ep4. Caring Moms – it’s not a nursery

15 Oct 2018

Ep 4. Caring Moms – it’s not a nursery

In this episode, the co-founding duo of Ms Sheera and Mr Umesh behind Caring Moms talk to us about their impact-driven enterprise platform. Caring Moms is an entrepreneurial development platform that connects mothers and women alike to a network of individuals and corporations, providing them access to a wide range of opportunities, skills, and guidance, empowering them to be economically independent.

Key Takeaways

The pair speaks to us the story of Caring Moms’ beginning; Sheera discovering that as a new mother, she couldn’t find the perfect balance between motherhood and her career and wanting to change that for herself and other women out there. In addition to that, they also share their learning curve and adoption of MaGIC GAP’s lessons into their business model in order to scale up much faster. Among others, they discuss the changes they make to their premium vs freemium model as well as the need to provide a comprehensive platform for women and female kinship in general.

Fun Fact

The highest recorded income on their platform is USD 22,000 in a month!





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