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Ep4. Beverly Aisha Roach, The Diesel Diva

05 Jan 2018

Ep 4. Beverly Aisha Roach – The Diesel Diva – Peace Through Sports

What It’s About
Her logo has cascaded across everything from fight banners to sportswear and has even
adorned MMA fight cages around the world. In this episode, eFM’s Dana Blouin talks to
Beverly Roach AKA The Diesel Diva about her time in Afghanistan, and how she is
singlehandedly changing the way we view sports and athleticism. After 21 years serving in
the Canadian military, The Diesel Diva found a career as a high-risk security expert, and
served as the chief of security for large international organisations in Kabul, Afghanistan for
about seven years. She now uses her brand to help fighters and other athletes from places
where they might not get the same opportunities as those from ‘mainstream’ countries.

Key Takeaways
The Diesel Diva spends the bulk of her time as a BJJ practitioner and is heavily engaged in
sports management across the globe. Her Diesel Diva brand sponsors hungry young MMA
fighters trying to make it into the big leagues, especially fighters in underprivileged, 3 rd world

Fun Fact
In the rural Brazilian Favelas, Beverly has helped build MMA cages for aspiring fighters, and
has also consolidated and attained a large number of talented Jiu Jitsu fighters from within
the Favela itself.




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