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Ep38. Pulp By Papa Palheta

28 Mar 2019

Ep 38. Pulp By Papa Palheta

This episode features an interview between our Set Lunch host, Razif Hashim and the co-founder of Pulp By Papa Palheta in Malaysia: Marcus Foo. The brand is actually a sister company to Chye Seng Huat Hardware in Singapore which is run by Marcus’s cousin. Nestled at Jalan Riong among the other eateries at APW Bangsar, Pulp by Papa Palheta innovates the concept of artisanal coffee cafes by not only selling freshly brewed coffee but also distributing coffee beans.

Key Takeaways

Among the topics discussed between the two in this podcast is the backstory of their cafe which started off from humble beginnings in a small alley in Singapore as well as some of the aspects of cafe operations. What was initially just a curious experiment by his cousin, Leon, soon became an actual business which has since spanned 4 different outlets covering numerous parts of the coffee business such as distributor, educator, consultancy and third wave coffee market leader in Singapore as well as Malaysia. Marcus also shares a typical hiring process and how a careful selection of staff can shape the vibe and culture of a specific cafe. In addition to that, he also divulges trade secrets such as the choice in fixtures and behavioural influences it has onto customers.

Fun Fact

The name “Papa Palheta” comes from its namesake, Colonel Palheta who is said to have introduced coffee beans to Brazil. Today, Brazil is the biggest coffee exporter in the world!




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