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Ep38. Jeanette, Barefoot Solar Sabah

22 Feb 2018

Ep 38. Jeanette Tambakau, Founder of Barefoot Solar Sabah and Jari Jari Spa

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana sits down with Jeanette Tambakau, the founder of Barefoot Solar Sabah
and the Jari Jari Spa. She discusses the impact of bringing solar projects to rural villages has
had on the indigenous communities and some of the challenges of getting the villages behind
the projects.

Key Takeaways
Located in 3 unique day spa centers around Kota Kinabalu, Jari Jari Spa is the only spa in
Sabah to promote the treatment of the Dusun Lotud, a tribal derived Borneo group whose
home is to the northern regions of Sabah. As guardians of this ancient tradition, their
therapists at Jari Jari Spa ensure that their massages come not just from their hands, but
always from their heart.

Fun Fact
Combining traditional massage therapies with modern spa management, Jari Jari Spa is a
multiple award-winning spa specializing in Sabah Borneo remedies.

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