37. EUREECA the first global fund raising solution for SME

19 Nov 2018

Ep 37. EUREECA the first global fund raising solution for SME

This episode has Mr. Sam Quawasmi, sharing to us about the company he represents, eureeca.com, an equity crowd funding platform. Mr Sam who is also the Co-CEO & Co-founder of eureeca.com has 14 years of experiences working for international investment banks before he decided to quit his full time job to create a platform for the SMEs that enables members of its investor network, who range from casual and angel investors to institutional firms, to buy shares in growth-oriented businesses, while providing operational businesses with crucial access to capital. He also shares his thoughts on the future of crowd funding in Malaysia and what did it take to create a platform that was facing difficulties on licence to becoming the worlds most regulated equity platform.

Key Takeaways

Looking at the potential of crowd funding in South East Asia, Mr Sam talks to us about his plans on expanding eureeca.com to more SEA countries, with Malaysia being the hub. As the comfort in the Malaysian market has a visible improvement, he tells us about the opportunities and hopes our SMEs can look forward through eureeca.com. In addition to that, he discusses about the steps that has to be taken in order to make a business successful and tips on proper investment. The Co-Ceo also shares his views on the importance of a business going global and a few advice for the start-ups.

Fun Fact

eureeca.com only had two members working in the beginning before it got known as the most regulated equity platform that has expanded to the South East Asia, Middle East and the African continent.




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