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Ep35. OCAM Coffee Factory

07 Mar 2019

Ep 35. OCAM Coffee Factory

In this episode, eFM speaks to Aizuddin Samni who is the Chief Operating Officer of OCAM Sdn Bhd. OCAM Sdn Bhd is the parent company to itself and a subsidiary, both of which focuses on the coffee industry and is making small changes to the local coffee scenes through its big strides in innovating the way we acquire coffee machines as well as its beans.

Key Takeaways

Discovering a lack of coffee culture here in Malaysia after returning from the UK, Aizuddin turned his personal focus away from banking towards artisanal coffees. As he works hard through his company in an effort to inculcate a coffee culture by making coffee and its production more affordable here, he shares with Set Lunch the ins and outs of the cafe scene here in Malaysia. This podcast features the efforts that OCAM takes in encouraging higher ownership of high quality coffee machines for Malaysian, especially F&B entrepreneurs as well as their coffee bean production that is done locally.

Fun Fact

A local favourite for coffee beans here is a specific type from Northern Thailand which suits the palates of locals better!




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