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Ep32. Kelebihan Nasi Ayam Kukus: Syukran

31 Jan 2019

Ep 32. Kelebihan Nasi Ayam Kukus: Syukran

In this episode of Set Lunch, Razif Hashim speaks to the owner of Restoran Ayam Kukus Syukran. Taking over an existing business that belonged to his friend, the new owner shares his ups and downs through the 3 years on after the initial takeover as well as the USP of his business.

Key Takeaways

As a business built on the legacy of its previous owner, Nasi Ayam Syukran had to reinvent itself in every way possible. Sharing to Set Lunch’s host Razif, the owner divulges the numerous steps taken to differentiate his product as well as to reinvent a brand based on healthy, nutritious yet affordable food.

Fun Fact

The chicken at Nasi Ayam Kukus Syukran is cooked in a special way to retain its juiciness and preserve a Hainan-like taste!





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