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Ep32. Gareth Davies, Fluxus

14 Feb 2018

Ep 32. Gareth Davies, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Fluxus Thailand

What It’s About
In tonight’s episode, Dana speaks to the co-founder and managing director of Fluxus
Thailand, Gareth Davies, a digital consultancy and development company that originally
focused on Drupal development but has since widened its scope since setting up shop in Asia.
Find out the factors that motivated this London based company to branch out to SE Asia and
the lessons they have learned thus far. Fluxus provides professional services across strategy
and solution architecture, lean program management, and Drupal development services.

Key Takeaways
The company’s experience covers not just regular Drupal site builds, but transaction-safe
integrations with external systems and middleware, high-volume transactional scaling, large-
scale in-flight migrations, and continuous deployment across distributed cloud and on-
premise infrastructures.

Fun Fact
The Fluxus team has worked on the largest Drupal implementations in the world and have a
reputation for driving the art of the possible forward.

To find out more about Fluxus check out: https://www.fluxus.io




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