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Ep31. Devi’s Corner, Banana Leaf Success Story

17 Jan 2019

Ep 31. Devi’s Corner, Banana Leaf Success Story

In this episode of Set Lunch, Razif Hashim speaks to Dave Anand from Devi’s Corner which started in Bangsar in 1988. Devi’s Corner is an Indian restaurant serving authentic South Indian food as well as some local cuisines and has been around for so long that it has become the heart and soul of the Telawi Bangsar area.

Key Takeaways

Dave’s parents started a roadside stall in 1988 as a means of supplementing their income from their 9 to 5 jobs back then. From its humble beginnings serving thosai and chapatis alongside various masala dishes, Devi’s Corner now spans two outlets with their flagship restaurant being in Telawi, Bangsar. In this podcast, he shares their gastronomic management journey spanning more than 3 decades, particularly the transition from being a roadside stall to a full-fledge operating F&B outlet. Among the topics he divulges exclusively for eFM listeners are how to stand out as a restauranteur/entrepreneur as well as the nitty gritty management details such as dealing with licensing and fulfilling safety and health standards.

Fun Fact

At age 10, Dave learnt to make chapatis and thosais alongside his brother after school!




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