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Ep30. Quoc Nguyen, Weebon.com

12 Feb 2018

Ep 30. Quoc Nguyen, Founder and DJ of Weebon.com

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana speaks to Quoc Nguyen who is the founder and DJ of Weeboon.com, a
social crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for social causes and issues.
Learn how Quoc went from being a DJ to founding a successful tech startup and hear about
his fundraising journey after bootstrapping Weeboon. Weeboon is a platform that allows you
to raise money online very easily. By simply signing up for free, you can create your own
campaign in less than a minute. Once your campaign is created, you just have to share it all
over the social networks with friends and family and wait for the results.

Key Takeaways
Weeboon is set to help people to raise money for anything. But most of the time people
choose Weeboon to help them with importants events in their life like medical bills,
education fees but also simple events like weddings or birthdays. Pets related campaigns are
also welcomed on Weeboon.

Fun Fact
Raising or donating money on Weeboon can be done in total peace of mind. They use the
latest encryption and secure platforms systems. All your donations are safe until you decide
to withdraw them.

Find out more about Quoc and Weeboon at www.weeboon.com




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