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Ep30. Dali Design

13 Jan 2019

Ep 30. Dali Design

In this episode of Set Lunch, Razif Hashim speaks to Dali Abdul Aziz, a freelance designer and CEO/founder of Design Works. Design Works is a design agency that specialises in designing graphics and themes for local F&B outlets that is carefully curated and tailored to each outlet’s identity.

Key Takeaways

Dali shares his life journey from his time as a student of Visual Digital Art in Lim Kok Wing University to being a sous chef in the UK as part of his lifelong love affair with food as well as art. Along the way, he founded an event space, Minutinit stemming from his desire to showcase Malaysian independent and underground artists all while also designing for cafes and restaurants in Malaysia as a freelance designer. In this podcast, he shares about his passion in both fields and how they come together as he forms his design agency, Design Works as well as the challenges that comes his way as a designer in this niche area. Among the topics he dwelves into are clientele trust in his as an external freelancer and the creative thought process behind creating a unique theme for each F7B outlet.

Fun Fact

Minutinit has featured open mic shows such as Jack! It as well as collaborated with Urbanscapes before.




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