Growing Young Entrepreneurs,

Ep3. Top 5 Tips for Building Young Entrepreneurs

07 Mar 2019

Ep 3. Top 5 Tips for Building Young Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Edmond Yap and co-founders of Acton Academy, Caryn Kong and Dr. Ewe sit down and discuss on the top 5 tips for building young entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways

These top five tips include allowing children to explore on their own and given the freedom and responsibilities, letting them to experience failures and difficulties, providing prospects for children to branch into and try out new things, expose them to different ideas and lastly, go on a hero’s journey. The guests reveal these tips and share the principles behind the journey of fostering entrepreneurship into bright kids for a better future.

Fun Fact

Eagles from Acton Academy are just like superheroes from the Marvel Studios. They experience empowerment and meet different villains in a form of poverty, pollution and injustice and fight through these ‘battles’!




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