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Ep3. Top 3 Apps you can use as an Entrepreneur

09 Dec 2018

Ep 3. Top 3 Apps you can use as an Entrepreneur

In this episode, Serena C brings to us the Top 3 apps that are simply crucial to an entrepreneur’s business needs: Buffer, Wave and Accompany. Realising that an entrepreneur needs to be hands-on in all the process of his venture, these three apps were created with the intention of catering to any entrepreneur’s account management, social media marketing and research needs. Whether you are bootstrapping a one-man-show start-up at its conception or managing a lean team of 15 eager to make a difference to the world, these top three smartphone apps will provide the boost you’ll need in order to strengthen and strategies your firm to scale up faster than you can say “wow”!

Key Takeaways

Bootstrapping with a lean team and scaling up has never been easier than today with the availability of smartphone apps and platforms with the niche goal of assisting entrepreneurs to be organised in every aspect of the business operations. Buffer is one such app with a focal point in bridging together all social media presence of a business/brand under one simple platform. With one click on the app, you get to simultaneously update all your social media accounts and tailor your social media marketing strategies better with easy-to-read analytics for every update you share.

Need to send a customized, professional invoice while you are on the go? Make full use of Wave; an app that provides an easy invoicing solution for freelancers, consultants, contractors and small business owners. Serena C discusses how Wave and its multitude of in-app options eases the bookkeeping process for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there.
Ever feel like a magical elf who works the night while you sleep would increase your business efficiency better than ever before? There are no elves in reality but the app Accompany does seem to work its magic as a virtual assistance app. The app takes a look at your data, schedule, and other information to create a summary of events and even your contacts. With short summary briefings of your data and contacts, it seamlessly sews together your business operations and revolutionises the way you’d view personal assistance in the future.

Fun Fact

Did you know that peak Facebook engagement, tends to occur on Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm? Well, Buffer figures it all out for you and these useful information is just one click away on the app!





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