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Ep3. The Sewing Enthusiast

07 Dec 2018

Ep 3. The Sewing Enthusiast

For the third episode of Insta Made, follow Serena C as she discovers a close-knit community of sewing enthusiasts and how their pioneer, Abby of Sarangkraft turned a hobby into an entrepreneurial journey and founded the community in Malaysia. Today, Sarangkraft is home to 1,000 sewing enthusiast and utilises Instagram as a platform to encourage sewing as well as market its handcrafted products. Following a demand for bespoke bags and other handsewn trinkets, Sarangkraft now spans a studio, classes as well as an Instagram marketplace!

Key Takeaways

What began as just a hobby and passion of creating personalised gifts for friends and family soon grew into something so much more. Abby shares with Serena some of her bespoke bags and how she paved her path as an Instagram entrepreneur since she first started her account in 2013. Inspired by accounts of similar concepts abroad, she decided to monetize her hobby as well as to empower likeminded Malaysians through a supportive community. Sarangkraft is now behind 5 different accounts on Instagram, all focusing on a different aspect of the same idea with hopes of inspiring others of chasing their dreams and inspiration as well!

Fun Fact

It took 3 years for Sarangkraft to hit its 2,000 followers mark but the numbers hit the accelerator once Abby started teaching others how to sew like her!



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