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Ep3. KL Photographer

14 Mar 2019

Ep 3. KL Photographer

For this episode, eFM’s True Complexion Podcast host, Rozella Marie speaks to Chong Wei Tatt, the owner of KL Photographer, about his tragic experience and how it mold him into the person he is now. His near death incident which had caused him to sacrifice his right leg has taught him to see the world in a different perspective and made him rethink his priorities and how he could continue his dreams in the field of photography.

Key Takeaways

Living as an amputee does not seem like a big deal for Wei Tatt. He admits that at first he has qualms about his recoveries and his future of being a differently abled; however, with his determination and social supports, he managed to move forward and become a better version of himself. His business, KL Photographer, flourished more as he works as a team, where he could rely on his photographers and vice versa. He adds that he feels satisfied to be able to provide opportunities for others to grow and in the process of watching them grow, he learns to be more engaging and take interest in his partners. He states that instead of centering on himself, he now seeks for collaboration opportunities, focusing more on the welfare of his partners and photographers as well as providing high quality services to his customers. Wei Tatt believes that the key to be successful is to allow creative process to develop itself, spend time coming up with conceptual ideas and goals in mind before implementing it. The photographer also discloses that even though there are some people who are open and compassionate towards him, a few are still sensitive towards the material aspect of the society. Nonetheless, he trusts that as our society matures, people will be more inclusive and positive towards the differently abled.

Fun Fact

Kl Photographer is a versatile company which focuses not only on photography but also live feed, videography, aerial filming and more!




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