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Ep3. e-Commerce Ecosystem by AirAsia

22 Nov 2018

Ep 3. e-Commerce Ecosystem by AirAsia

In this episode, Las Anderson, Head of Product Strategy of Ourshop talks on how the company took e-commerce shopping to the skies by creating an online shopping platform for the travellers and retailers. Travellers can now pick up items at the airport or on board. Las Anderson also gives his views on what e-commerce is and how to engage with customers to make their live easier, especially the travellers.

Key Take Aways

Las Anderson, Head of Product Strategy of Ourshop speaks about the functions of Ourshop and how it makes a traveller’s shopping experience more pleasant. He also discusses on how this platform gives solution for retailers to expand their business digitally and its ability to engage with customers based on data analytics. He also gives some input on how to sustain in a business by being unique and on how to increase customers user experience.

Fun Fact

Travellers can redeem Air Asia Big Points with every successful purchase made with Ourshop.





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