Ep3. Camdy – roses are red violets are blue

15 Oct 2018

Ep 3. Camdy – roses are red violets are blue

In this episode, MaGiC GAP 2018 Cohort intake includes Keith and Teng, a pair from We speak to them about their pivot from the first phase of Camdy to the personalised gift platform we know of today. During the interview, the duo shares with us what they have learnt so far from MaGIC GAP 2018 as well as how the programme structures have helped them strengthen their startup growth.

Key Takeaways

Camdy began 4 years ago in 2014 as a geo-location photo platform but found itself with an unsustainable revenue model. Thus, the team wisely decided to pivot their business model into something else and voila, Camdy turned into the platform it is today. Now, with thousands of artisans on board and a growing business, the team finds themselves pushed into running gear with the MaGIC GAP programme. Find out more on how the programme helps them to restructure their priorities and exponentially grow in this podcast.

Fun Fact

Camdy can even supply truly personalised gifts such as roses with personalised messages on each petal and even engraved chopping board. Head over to to find out more!





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