Ep3. Building a million dollar company in 60 minutes

06 Nov 2018

Ep 3. Building a million dollar company in 60 minutes

In this episode, we talk to Vince Tan, the CEO of the fastest growing digital agency in Malaysia, Shock Media Studio. Here, Vince Tan discusses about how enthusiastic he was about business while he was schooling and how he started a web designing company at the age of 18 to being the largest domain holder in 2006. He also talks about his apparel company OXWHITE, and how it became a success by just selling classic white shirts for men.

Key Take Aways

In a dynamic field as digital marketing, it is required for us to master it in terms of brand visibility, advertising and marketing strategies. Vince Tan gives us insights on important formulas needed on how to attract customers and make a simple product sell successfully through digital marketing.

Fun Facts

The CEO of Shock Media Studios, Vince Tan is known as the fastest internet marketer in the world and one of the top in Asia.




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