Starting Up With Kodorra,

Ep3. Brainstorm For Business Name – By Association

27 Dec 2018

Ep 3. Brainstorm For Business Name – By Association

Starting Up With Kodorra is your insider guide to starting up a well-prepared business idea. From business plans to securing funding for your startup, this is a comprehensive virtual mentorship of Melvin Wong, an award winning entrepreneur who now mentors aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide through his platform; Kodorra.


In this episode of Starting Up With Kodorra, we learn the many ways to brainstorm for a powerful name for our startup. Melvin Wong of Kodorra guides us through the seemingly complex nomenclature procedure, breaking it down to very simple ways you can create a catchy business name by associating it with the nature of your business.


Youtube is aptly name because of it’s nature; crowd-sourced (YOU) and an audio visual platform (TUBE) which has roots from the days of the TVs with cathode ray tubes in them!


Coming soon: 01 Jan 1970

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