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Ep3. Balaji Renukumar, Sensfix

05 Jan 2018

Ep 3. Balaji Renukumar – Founder and CEO of Sensfix

What it’s about
In this episode, we sit down with Sensfix CEO, Balaji Renukumar to discuss the Internet of Things and
how his Sensfix program is changing the way we think about automation and integration. ‘sensfix’ is
a IoT-enabled location-based service for repairs and maintenance of smart city assets. sensfix cloud,
mobile App and the web platform integrated with the IoT sensors, operate with over 600 assets in
50+ townships in 3 countries, and enables assets like streetlights, traffic lights etc. to report faults
instantaneously to the owners and automatically call the nearest service personnel for repairs &
maintenance creating a Uber-like network.

Key Takeaways
Unlike Thumbtack and StarofService that specialize in manual listing and discovery, sensfix is a first
of its kind online aggregator of assets powered by IoT sensors that enable auto detection without
the intervention of the owner. Most valuable USP is assured price of labor and quickest turnaround
time for — detection, discovery by the nearest expert personnel, response and repair.

Fun Fact
Balaji built sensfix on a simple motto that he holds till this day: “To know if an idea will work, you
must first build a product or service to overcome a challenge that you faced personally.”




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