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Ep3. Autism Cafe Project

30 Apr 2018

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Ep 3. Autism Cafe Project

In this episode, Autism Café Project founder Adli Yahya talks to eFM’s Razif Hashim about the need to spread autism awareness within Malaysia, and how is organization has transformed the lives of autistic teenagers within the country. After his son was diagnosed with autism, Adli decided to take action by creating the Autism Café Project, a program that would take in autistic youths and provide them with a job and thus, a steady income. Now at two years old, the project has seen incredible success and has moved out of its miniscule shop lot in Subang to a full-fledged building in the Puchong IM4U centre.

Key takeaways

The program is engineered to match the skillset possessed by the workers so as to make integration seamless and enjoyable. Everything from the machinery to the tasks at hand are designed to be doable and pleasant for the staff at the Autism Café. They currently employ 10 staff, and each of them work together in pairs.

Fun fact

When Adli noticed that his son, Luqman, was particularly fond of playing with water, he placed Luqman in the kitchen where he could regularly enjoy water whilst performing tasks such as cleaning and washing dishes. It was this realisation that helped Adli engineer specific tasks to specific staff members.




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