Digitizing Your Business With Kodorra,

Ep3. 8 Steps to Start Your Online Business

27 Dec 2018

Ep 3. 8 Steps to Start Your Online Business

Digitizing Your Business With Kodorra is an vodcast series to guide you through the procedure of amping up your business to be a successful internet venture. Melvin Wong, an award-winning entrepreneur and online mentor behind Kodorra will mentor you to success with the easiest lessons behind setting up your online business.


Setting up a business, especially an online business, can be extremely overwhelming with numerous steps to take and confusing pathways. In this vodcast, Kodorra’s Melvin Wong gives a step-by-step comprehensive guide to the 8 steps to kickstart your successful entreprenurial journey. From how to name your business to finding a web hosting server, this vodcast covers all the basics and provide you with so much more to build on as you go along.


The 8 steps presented are flexible and can be tailored to your specific business needs, such as whether you need a team or can do without!



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