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Ep29. Yodmanee Tepanon, Kasetart Business School

09 Feb 2018

Ep 29. Yodmanee Tepanon, Lecturer at Kasetart Business School

What It’s About
In this episode of the South East Asian Business Podcast, Dana speaks to Yodmanee Tepanon
who is a lecturer at Kasetsart Business School in Bangkok. She possesses a background in
operations management and her current focus is on helping underserved communities
develop social businesses in an entrepreneurial way. Established in 1938, Kasetart Business
School is an organization with its own formal curriculum which intends to give freedom in
education administration.

Key Takeaways
Kasetart University is one of Thailand’s oldest university’s and strongly promotes subjects
related to agricultural science. The university has expanded its subject areas to
cover economics, business administration, veterinary medicine, engineering, science, social
sciences, humanities, education, and architecture. Kasetsart University's main campus is in
Bangkhen, northern Bangkok, with several other campuses throughout Thailand. It is the
largest university in Thailand.

Fun Fact
Kasetart is Thailand’s third oldest university.

You can find out more about Yod and Kasetsart Business School at:






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