Ep29. Build your followers first before building a business

12 Nov 2018

Ep 29. Build your followers first before building a business

How to build your followers? In this episode Nana interviewing Dato James an exciting speaker on tips how to build your followers before you start a business. He tried to portray that too many entrepreneurs now days come up with products without understanding what they are selling. A brand is only built if you have followers.

Key Takeaways

Mistakes done by most people is to start a business without building your follower first. Sharing examples on failed business and successful business. Credibility is the most important for celebrity to start businesses. A lot of entrepreneurs not knowing what actually they want in their business.

Fun Fact

From football to music’s, how to build business from your surroundings. What do you need, and if the products you are selling is not what people need, people won’t buy, therefor build your follower first then have a product?




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