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Ep28. Wandi: Cafe Consultancy and Management

02 Jan 2019

Ep 28. Wandi: Cafe Consultancy and Management

For this episode, Razif speaks to Wandi who spent his life perfecting the craft of being a barista cum cafe manager. Kicking off his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 15 as a cendol seller in pasar malams, Wandi slowly built a reputation within the coffee business through a career with Starbucks Malaysia and now works as a consultant for cafes around Malaysia.

Key Takeaways

Wandi talks to eFM on his career path to date; from his beginnings as a Starbucks barista to his current venture as a café consultant around Malaysia. He discusses how one can upskill themselves through hands-on experience and progress upwards in their career by utilising the very skills that are the fundamentals to their skill set. Among those, he shares how he initially failed as a consultant and reflects on his flaws in order to improve his services. Tune in to learn more on how consultancy and cafe management works through Wandi’s sharing.

Fun Fact

Wandi began selling chendol at his local pasar malam due to a wishlist he was after; a skateboard as well as a new keyboard!





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