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Ep27. Nganto Makan: Cheap and Yummy Food Delivery

20 Dec 2018

Ep 27. Nganto Makan: Cheap and Yummy Food Delivery

For this episode, Razif speaks to Nuna and Nini, the ladies who run the food delivery service NgantoMakan. These ladies focus on making the food delivery service much more accessible and enjoyable as they focus on homecooked meals and also lowering charges when there are more orders. Within less than a year and running all the operations of this business on their own, this duo is still going strong, delivering their food to most of the Damansara area and even up to Sungai Buloh as their demands grow. Find out more about this cute little delivery business in this episode of Set Lunch!

Key Takeaways

This business began as a way for them to solve a problem that happened to both of them at the same time, highlighting the possibilities of entrepreneurship even during the toughest of times. These two ladies express the challenges of running both a F&B entrepreneurship as well as a delivery service without a whole fleet of workers or runners. They also discuss with Razif how they were able to get word out through online channels by understanding the demands and trends as well as utilising their previous knowledge and background in sales and marketing.

Fun Fact

Since they are very new, Nuna and Nini does all cooking, packing, organising and delivery of the food to the customers! While they are looking to expand in the future, this approach allowed them to build a stronger rapport with their regular customers!




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