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Ep27. Chris Busschaert, Pastry Chef

07 Feb 2018

Ep 27. Chris Busschaert, Pastry Chef

What It’s About
In this episode of the South-East Asian Business Podcast, Dana talks to Chris Busschaert, a
professional celebrity pastry chef who has spent the past 20 years working around Asia at the
top levels of his craft. After two decades of working for some of the top restaurants and
hotels in the region, Chris is ready to strike out on his own and is starting a multiple concept
pastry kitchen that will service several establishments. They also talk about how Chris finds
the time to work out on daily and how he was able to fight professional Muay Thai fights in
his 50’s while still grinding away at long days in the kitchen.

Key Takeaways
Competitive at heart, Chris has strived every day to make and keep high quality food
standards. He firmly believes that his skills as a manager have helped him develop his team
members and upgrade their skills and abilities. He is also a Culinary Ambassador at his
working place, and keeps an unwavering eye on all hotel operations ensuring they are up to
industrial F&B standards.

Fun Fact
Chris was a judge member at the FHC Shanghai 2010 for the Arts pastry and bakery



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