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Ep26. Vic Sithasanan, Hyperlab

06 Feb 2018

Ep 26. Vic Sithasanan, Hyperlab

What It’s About
In tonight’s episode, Dana speaks with the founder of HyperLab, Vic Sithasanan. The
innovative AI Company builds a number of AI solutions that are targeted to help companies
improve their customer experience. Listen as Dana and Vic dive straight into the role that AI
plays in the current market, and the opportunities that will arise as they edge forward.

Key Takeaways
Hyperlab designs and builds advanced AI Assistants that automates customer support and
sales for large enterprises on any channel, whilst also hosting Conversational Analytics &
NLU Training Studio for managing high performance AI Assistants. The company also
manufactures AI bots that are capable of understanding natural text input better with Dialex’s
easy to install text cleansing API.

Fun Fact
Their product, the Happy AI Assistant, has had over 1.5 million minutes of conversations
with customers.

To find out more about Artificial Intelligence and Hyperlab, check out www.hyperlab.xyz




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