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Ep25. Amran Hassan, Maybank

05 Feb 2018

Ep 25. Amran Hassan, Maybank

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana speaks with Amran Hassan, the Head of Innovation at Maybank. They
discuss some of the newest tech being integrated into financial systems, and how small
companies can get the opportunity to work with large banks on technology solutions. They
also delve deep into the world of crypto currency and its impact on global financial

Key Takeaways
With the focus on developing prototypes of any service or solutions Maybank aims to build,
with cross-functional teams of executives from IT, Amran’s innovation unit will be
instrumental in putting in a regional platform that will enable Maybank staff from across
South-East Asia to participate in innovation teams and projects, with the end goal being to
create distinctive products that customers will want to use. Amran is not neglecting the soft

Fun Fact
Maybank is Malaysia’s largest bank, with a presence in 20 countries, mainly in Asia, and a
market capitalisation of RM87 billion (US$23.5 billion).

To find out more about Maybank and their innovation center check out https://maybankinnovation.com




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