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Ep24. From Dadih to Cendol Sawit by Pondok Pondok

29 Nov 2018

Ep 24. From Dadih to Cendol Sawit by Pondok Pondok

In this episode, Razif Hashim talks to a lifelong entrepreneur who also hails from an enterprising family; Nadrah Binti Hassan. Her curiosity in entrepreneurship first began when she dabbled with it during her childhood when she trailed after her mother who sold kain batik. Her early exposure to entrepreneurship led to a lifelong of business ventures from selling miniature drawings during her university days to kaya balls and dadih, a beverage made of cow or goat milk mixed with flavouring and jelly extract. Nadrah now owns Pondok-Pondok, a brand featuring her foodtruck which specialises in a special form of chendol made of palm milk instead of the more common coconut milk.

Key Takeaways

Realising that a food truck model would mobilise her business operations far more than a kiosk can, Nadrah gambled and decided to go with it. It has definitely paid off as her business is now booming and she operates from Dang Wangi as well as caters for events such as weddings. She discusses her entrepreneurship journey from her early days to how she pivoted into her decision to venture into this niche beverage and the challenges it comes with for her and her family. Among the topics discussed, Nadrah also shares her recipe for success by utilising her perseverance as well as family support system and how other aspiring entrepreneurs can do the same to carve their way to a success story.

Fun Fact

Interestingly, Cendol Sawit by Pondok Pondok serves their specialty drink up to 2am and even at the late hour, there is still a demand for their products!




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