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Ep23. Shian & Eric, Fourfangs

01 Feb 2018

Ep 23. Shian & Eric, Fourfangs

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana Blouin speaks with the founders of autonomous drone manufacturer,
Fourfangs, and dives into the various arguments for the implementation of autonomous
drones and how their continuous use can greatly benefit companies worldwide.

Key Takeaways
The company’s product, high performing aerial drones, stands out from the competition in
that their drones are capable of flying for longer, endure harsher elements, and is requires
substantially less maintenance and upkeep.

Fun Fact
FourFang believes in the implementation of aerial drones to combat crime, protect high
density areas, and to provide important reconnaissance to aid in the abatement of violence
and theft.

To find out more about Fourfangs check them out at fourfang.co




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