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Ep22. Azim Pawanchik, Alpha Catalyst

31 Jan 2018

Ep 22. Azim Pawanchik, Alpha Catalyst

What It’s About
In this episode, Dana sits down with Azim Pawanchik, the Co-founder of Alpha Catalyst
consulting. Azim is an expert in innovation, and talks about the different approaches and
motivations that larger companies take towards innovation as well as some of the areas where
the greatest improvements can be made. Alpha Catalyst is a boutique innovation consulting
firm that systematically accelerates transformation & innovation endeavours with a strong
focus on Asian values.

Key Takeaways
Alpha Catalyst was founded in year 2000 and specializes in helping organizations create
transformation strategies to accelerate innovation and organizational change, to be more
competitive in the marketplace. At ACC, the organisation strongly believes in adopting a
collaborative approach with our clients to develop an effective and unique strategy to create
successful and valuable outcomes.

Fun Fact
Emphasising the importance of market disruption, Azim’s primary intention with his
company is to focus on creating the right mindset, capabilities and culture to innovate and to
build critical processes that support an environment of sustainable transformation and
innovation. ​

To find out more about Alpha Catalyst Consulting check them out at www.alphacatalyst.com




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