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Ep21. JNR Ice Cream

12 Nov 2018

Ep 21. JNR Ice Cream

In this episode, eFM’s Set Lunch speaks to JNR Soft Ice Cream’s Operations Manager, Norhidayah Ramli. JNR Soft Ice Cream was initially founded by her father, Ramli and provides event catering services as well as daily sales in locations around Kajang and Bangi. Norhidayah discusses their humble beginnings and the ups and downs of their family-owned business that eventually led them to the entrepreneurship path they are all currently on.

Key Takeaways

As Operations Manager, Norhidayah divulges the challenges and procedures involved in the operations of a F&B business such as health regulations as well as procuring supplies. Procuring the soft serve ice-cream machine as well as a suitable ice-cream formula are among the challenges of starting up her business and in this podcast, she shares the hows of solving these intial problems. As her business expands from being an adhoc pre-booked event service to a daily operation, she talks about the differences between the two and how an entrepreneur can scale up and diversify their business strategies for better success.

Fun Fact

The initials of the business name “JNR” is a combination of the first letter in the names of herself, her brother and her father, as the trio run the business together within the family.




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