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Ep20. The Frozen Western Food by Kieran

06 Nov 2018

Ep 20. The Frozen Western Food by Kierans

In this episode, eFM’s Set Lunch speaks to Kieran, who is a seasoned radio DJ. First attached to Era FM before moving to Hot FM, he shares with us his decision to pivot into the F&B industry. aste better than foods frozen near the end of their useful life, thus this become one of his challenges to plan ahead on supplying this new venture.

Key Takeaways

Proper packaging helps maintain quality and prevent “freezer burn.” On this issue, Kieran also highlighted his difficulties on getting Halal certification. It is safe to freeze foods in their supermarket wrappings. Use them within a month or two. Many supermarket wrappings are air permeable. For longer storage, over-wrap packages with airtight heavy-duty foil andplastic wrap. freezer paper, or place packages inside a plastic bag. Date packages and use the oldest items first.

Fun Fact

Loosing business partner, getting sacarstic remark from public who know him before as a radio celebrity, these are among things that he got to go through. However it does not kill his guts off to keep on moving forward.




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