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Ep20. John Walsh, The Clinch Report

29 Jan 2018

Ep 20. John Walsh, The Clinch Report

What It’s About
In this episode of the South-East Asian Business Podcast, Dana Blouin sits down with John
Walsh, founder and principal photographer of MMA red site, The Clinch Report, one of the
US’s leading combat sports news outlets. John Walsh began his love for photography at an
early age. Capturing his adventurous lifestyle started out as a hobby, and soon became quite
proficient. Find out what motivated John to make this decision as well as how he went from
managing a restaurant to founding one of the most prolific MMA news sites in the US and his
plans for global domination!

Key Takeaways
After tagging along with his college friend to a fight in Orange County, he was hooked. Over
the last few years John Walsh has become one of the most dependable names in combat
photography on the west coast. His photographs have been featured on Bellator MMA
walkout banners, Glory Kickboxing Walkout Shirts, and his images have graced the cover of
countless local MMA fight posters.

Fun Fact
Until recently, The Clinch Report was primarily focused on American MMA however John
recently decided to spend time in Asia, capturing the regions unique flavour of this young
sport in order to give his readers a fresh new perspective.






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